Release Notes

May 14, 2019

What's New

  • Always-available document outline: Open a long-ish document. Look over to the right. See the little gray bar with the little blue dot? Hover over it. There it is, an outline linking to all the headings in your doc, right there whenever you need it. For Web, Mac, Windows. Learn more
  • Autofill Salesforce Records in Quip templates: Hey admins, are you using Quip for Salesforce to create templates in Salesforce pages? Now any Salesforce Records you embed in those templates can be programmatically autofilled with the fields of your choice. For Web, Quip for Salesforce.

Footnote: These features will be available in the Salesforce Summer ‘19 release, but can be previewed in your Sandbox Instance soon.

Versions: Web, Mac 5.4.84, Windows 5.4.29, Quip for Salesforce Summer '19