Release Notes

July 16, 2019

What's New

  • Font colors in documents: You can finally make text any color you want. Go wild. We’ve also updated the way highlight colors work so that it’s easier to edit highlighted text.
  • Multi-sheet spreadsheets open to the first tab in the sheet selector: Before this release, if you opened a spreadsheet with multiple sheets, it would always open to the first sheet you created (“Sheet1”). Now it opens to the sheet in the leftmost position of the sheet selector.
  • Tables in documents have headers hidden by default: When you insert a table into a document, the column and row headers will be hidden unless you decide otherwise (You can always re-add columns and row headers to your table in the “View” dropdown menu.).
  • Easily add columns to tables with row headers hidden: Add a column to a table when you type or double-click the right-most gray column. It’s incredibly handy, and now it’s there regardless of whether row headers are shown or hidden. (Bonus factoid: We call that thing a “ghost column.” Spooky.)
  • Delete Sheet no longer in main menu: We used to have both “Delete Sheet” (which deletes a single sheet within a spreadsheet) and “Delete Spreadsheet” (which deletes the entire spreadsheet) in the same dropdown menu. This was, understandably, confusing to a lot of people. You will no longer see “Delete Sheet” in the main menu.

Versions: Web, Mac 5.5.18, Windows 5.8.1